Woodycrest Parking / Storage
General Information

We offer Short and Long Term, fully accessible (24/7), safe parking / storage space for your vehicle (car, van, truck, trailer, RV, motorhome, etc.).
  • We can accommodate vehicles up to 40 feet in lenght.
  • An Attendant is on Duty 24 hours a day,7 days a week.
  • Electrical Power is available in the form of tamper proof individual 120 VAC/20 Amps outlets with programable timer switches to supply loads up to 1920 watts (1.92 kw).
  • If your vehicle already identifies/advertises your business, a space adjacent to Brock Street (a high traffic local thoroughfare) will provide the opportunity to increase business while your vehicle is parked in your space.
Parking Space Rental Rates
Vehicle Lenght <=16 feet: $65.00 Monthly, $10.00 Daily (Taxes incl.)
Vehicle Lenght 16 feet+:  $100.00 Monthly, $20.00 Daily (Taxes incl.)
Vehicle Lenght 26 feet+:  $125.00 Monthly, $20.00 Daily (Taxes incl.)
Electrical Power Option: 20 cents per kilowatt used + Tax
Advertise Option: $25.00 per month (Taxes incl.)


Your Parking/Storage Inquiries are Welcome
Please let us know what your needs are
Contact us at:


woodycrest@woodycrestmotel.com using our Online Form below or

PHONE: (905) 668-8422 (call collect)
FAX:        (905) 430-4702

MAIL:     Woodycrest Parking/Storage 

                 3775 Brock Street North 
                 Whitby, Ontario L1R 3J3



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